Monday, April 2, 2012

NOPI Hard-Kourt Fashionista!

 I swear I'm such a horrible blogger!  I create a post one day then reappear a month later, lol.  I'm sorry I'm just getting into the swing of things!
Valentine's Day 2012

This Valentine's day I was NOT in the mood for lovey-dovey crap! lol.  While everyone was posting beautiful Valentine's Day manicures and swatching the best new Pinks and Reds available, I was at home with the acetone removing my 52-Week Challenge mani (which happened to be v-day related (-_

I needed something pretty and that shouted "Liz", that's when I came across the recently acquired Hard-Kourt Fashionista from Nicole by O.P.I Kardashian Kolors.  Kourtney is probably the most level headed out of the entire Kardashian Klan and reminds me of myself, just a tad, so I had to try it!

Hard-Kourt Fashionista is an opaque dark brown creme with great coverage and unbelievable wear.  I wore this color for almost an entire week with no chips and minimal tip wear.  I absolutely love it and believe it's a great brown for any collection.

LizMarie ;-]

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