Thursday, April 19, 2012

This one's a beaut

Last weekend I was in the city with my boyfriend and we stopped by the gap, the clothing store and came across this beauty!

The Gap - Gold Rush!
He had recently told me that they were selling nail polish but they were mainly basic creme colors, but when I saw this one in the bottle I paused because it resembled Chanel - Peridot and had to have it.  Having a lovely boyfriend, he was nice enough to get it for me even though he doesn't support my polish addiction, lol.

Stay tuned to see the swatches soon!

China Glaze - Trendsetter

Trendsetter has been on my wishlist since I laid eyes on the metro collection last year, sadly China Glaze seems to be hard to come by in NYC so I don't have many of these.  Luckily I'm part of a "swapping group" and someone was nice enough to send me this plus OPI's I Vant to be A-lone Star, with a bunch of yummy sweets!

With top coat [Seche Vite]
 Trendsetter is a unique color and does exactly that set a trend for a city girl like myself.  To me it's kind of a pea green color with shimmer throughout it, making it completely awesome!  People complimented me all week as I wore this color, it's that unique!

Basecoast - OPI Nail Envy + Topcoat - Seche Vite
I applied Trendsetter on a Sunday and the picture above was taken Saturday afternoon and almost a week later it looks great!  You see a little nail growth and tip wear but it still looks awesome!

Let's Play Catch Up Pt 2! Weeks 11-16

I'll say it again, "I'm a sucky blogger!" lol but here are week's 11-16 of my challenge.
Lately I've been really enjoying trying all these new mani's and putting new things together, I hope all those that are following the challenge feel the same way!

 Week 11 - Mar. 11th
"St. Patrick's Day" Mani.

Week 12 - Mar. 18th
Skittle Mani.

Week 13 - Mar. 25th
Ruffian Mani.

Week 14 - Apr. 1st
Striped Mani.

Week 15 - Apr. 8th
"Easter Day" Mani.

Week 16 -Apr. 15th
Dotticure Mani.