Monday, August 8, 2011

My New Best Friend: OPI's Original Nail Envy!

Last month I endured some epic nail breakage and had to file all my nails down, I was so depressed!  


I had been trying to let my nails grow for awhile just so I could have a visible nail line (just a little one) but after a week or so they'd always break.  Then I came across cutepolish's "Grow Your Nails Fast" video and thought I was doing everything right until I noticed I wasn't using a nail strengther, being so 'original' I saw the one she was using and snatched it up on ebay for around $9!  lol.

It arrived around the 20th of July I used it for a week as the directions stated, once the week was up I used it as a base coat for all my manicures and look at my nails now.  I'm soo in love!!


I know to many people this isn't anything since they naturally have strong beautiful nails but my nails have never been like this before.  I really do believe Nail Envy is working because one has yet to break since I've started using it.

Does anyone else use OPI's Nail Envy line?  What are your thoughts?


  1. I just got this last month and also love it!! So jealous you got it for so cheap on ebay! I spent almost double that at Ulta. Looking forward to your blog!

  2. Thank You! I almost paid the $16.99 price tag at Duane Reade but decided to do a little searching instead and found someone on ebay with a good rating! It came in it's original sealed boxed.

  3. I'll definitely keep that in mind when I run out! thanks again!